Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Night With Megyn

After a lovely dinner, Megyn Price & I went back to her place. I couldn't believe my good fortune. I had just had dinner with one of the sexiest, prettiest actresses in Hollywood, and now we were going to her house with her husband out of town.

She looked amazing with a low cut dress, with no bra, that showed off her spectacular rack nicely as well as her curvy sexy figure. Once we got to her house, she fixed me a drink, but all I could think about was getting that dress off of her and my hands on those melons of hers. She sat down on the sofa and we chatted a bit, then I leaned in to kiss her.

"You look AMAZING, Megyn." My lips conected with hers and soon we were trading tongues. My tongue explored her mouth and my hand slid up from her waist to her breasts. I squeezed it gently, then firmer. I slipped my hand under her dress and cupped a bare boob, then squeezed it some more.

"You like my tits?" she smiled."
Absolutely, Megyn." I kissed her mouth, then worked my way down her her neck. I pulled her dress straps over her shoulders and slid it down, baring those beauties. I started to suck on one, then she took my hand and started to get up.

"Let's go to the bedroom." I followed her, and sat down on the bed. Megyn turned her back to me and had me unzip her dress. Her dark blond hair lay nicely on her shoulders. Although I wasn't looking at her hair as the dress fell to the floor. Now she was only wearing a pair of black silk bikini panties and her back was still turned to me.I also stripped off my pants, and shirt.

"You are SO Beautiful, Megyn!" I slid my hand along her hip. "Sit down on my lap, Baby." I pulled her down onto my lap and grabbed her tits from behind. My cock was stiffening, pressed against her ass. I squeezed her tits and kissed her neck.I rolled her onto her back, kissed her deeply, and let my hands explore her body- her tits, her belly, her hips and thighs, her ass and finally her pussy.

Her panties were still on and she moaned a little as my hand felt between her legs."Ooohhhh oooohh" I stroked her beaver through the silky panties and could feel the gap between her labia. My mouth worked its way down to her tits again and I started to suck them, flicking her nipples with my tongue. After a few minutes of sucking her tits, I started to peel off her panties, slowly over her curvaceous hips. My cock stiffened even more when I saw the thick patch of brown curls between Megyn's legs.

My mouth watered - I was DYING to taste her! She lay before me completely naked and I spread her legs apart. I kissed her belly and then then moved my head lower. Her pussy smelled wonderful! I pushed her thick fur apart and pulled her lips back with my fingers, and poked my tongue right into her tender, tasty pink gash.

"Ooooohhhh Ooohhhhh Yeesss!!"she moaned. Her back arched as I licked her pussy some more, working my tongue into her. I loved hearing her moan! She was getting wet, and I slipped two fingers inside her juicy hole. "Oooooohh!! Oooh! Aaahhh! Oooh OOHH!! Megyn squirmed on the bed. I managed to find her clit and started to rub it with my fingers, then nibble it gently. She went wild! "OOOOH AAH AHH!!"

My other hand had moved under her ass, and was squeezing her ripe round rear. My index finger worked its way down and found her other opening, her tight puckered rosebud. I pressed against it."NNOO!! ah ah ah NOT THERE! ah ah PLEEEASE!!" She tried to push my hand away. I held fast and poked my finger into her even deeper. "EEEEEEOOOOWWW!! OOOHHHH!! NNNOOOOIIIEEEEIIIEEOOHH!!" she squealed.

"Mmm...I gotta touch you 'there' Megyn, Baby. You've got such a sexy ass!"I worked my fingers in & out of her tight ass and soaking wet honeypot, still licking and nibbling on her clit.

"OOOHH!! OOOHHH!! AHH ahhha hahh ahhhh Nnnooo ah ah unnh unh AAHHHGGHH" Megyn was going crazy! I couldn't take any more. I had to stick my cock in her NOW! I pulled my fingers out, raised up, my mouth slick with her juices. I spread her legs apart, then mounted her and thrust into her HARD! "UUNGHHH!"

"OOOHH OOOHH ah ah ahhh!!" she shook as I pulled out, then penetrated her again, deeper."UUNNHHH!! Megyn, you are so Beautiful! UNNGHHH!!"Again and again I rammed my manmeat into Megyn's wet cunt. She moaned andsquirmed all over, hips bucking wildly. Her gorgeous melons bounced up and down with each thrust.

"OOOHH! ah ah ahhh OOOHHH!! ah ah unh OOHH YESSSS!! ah ah Fuck me...... AAHHH Fuck me HARD!! ah HARDER!!"

Her back arched and her body stiffened and she came!! "OOHHH AAGGHHHEEIIIEEE!!YEEESS AAGGHHHEEEE!!!"

I felt my cock start to throb and she grabbed it, pinching it, so I couldn'tunload. She pulled it out of her hole and I shot a thick stream of jizz all over her belly and sexy breasts. I was a bit disappointed over not being able to cum in her sweet pussy, but then she grabbed my cock again and guided it toward her mouth. She began to lick it clean and suck it like a lollypop! Megyn worked her tongue and sexy lips all over my cock. Before I knew it, I was stiff as a board again!

She pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me, lowering herself onto my pole and sliding down. "OOOOHHHH!!"I loved watching her face as she began to ride me. She gritted her teeth and grunted as she impaled herself onto my prick, over & over & over again! I grabbed her curvy hips and pulled her onto me, trying too get deeper & deeper with each thrust.

Since I had just shot a nice load of jizz, I could lay back & enjoy the show. I loved watching those jugs bounce as she rode me. I loved the feel of my hands on her ass, and I loved watching her pretty face as she took my cock deep inside her.
"That's it, Megyn! Ride that cock, Honey! Take it!!"

"OOOHH OHH Yes....Yes...Yes....UNNHH Fuck me...aah ah ah UNNH!! OOH OOH AAGGH gonna AGGHHH gonna cum.....AAAGGHH AARRGHHHEEEGGHH!! Yes yes AAHHHHGGHH! oh oh oh oh YEEESSSS!!!CUMMMINGGG!!!"

She splashed a gusher of warm wet juice onto my lap. This time I couldn't hold back or pull out. I let out a loud grunt and pumped my sticky semen deep into Megyn's beautiful sweet cunt. It felt so nice!! She collapsed onto me and I sucked & squeezed her tits some more. We finally went to sleep, in the spoons position. My hands were wrapped around her waist and her ass was snuggled against my cock. I can't wait to have her again!